International Journal Promotes Dialogue Among Tobacco Researchers

The Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco published 20 issues of a new, peer-reviewed journal—Nicotine & Tobacco Research—which is designed to promote a dialogue among investigators working on nicotine and tobacco related research in diverse fields.

The society is an international membership organization of nearly 1,000 research scientists based in Middleton, Wis.

With guidance from an international advisory board, Nicotine & Tobacco Research began publication in 1999 to fill a gap in the research literature by providing a forum for empirical findings, critical reviews and conceptual papers on many aspects of nicotine and tobacco.

Key Results

  • To promote cross-disciplinary dialogue, the journal encourages multidisciplinary submissions and includes research from the behavioral, epidemiological, prevention and treatment fields. Subscribers include the research community, policymakers, medical and scientific libraries and public health organizations.

  • Each issue also includes a research summary for a lay audience. The journal is available online to subscribers at the publisher's website. To facilitate the submissions and editorial process, project staff developed a website.