No-Smoking Program for Mothers-to-Be Expanded Statewide in Wisconsin

From 2002 to 2003, the Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation expanded its First Breath smoking cessation program for low-income pregnant women to become statewide and available to all pregnant women.

The First Breath program integrates smoking cessation counseling into routine prenatal care provided at local public health departments, community health centers, obstetrician offices and Native American Tribal clinics.

Key Results

  • The staff conducted three day-long training sessions, where they trained a total of 198 clinicians from participating health care sites as smoking-cessation counselors.

  • The program, originally at 15 pilot sites in 11 counties, expanded to 81 sites in 47 counties, covering 65 percent of the state. First Breath served more than 320 pregnant women during the grant period.

  • Staff created informational materials and organized public relations activities to support the expansion of First Breath into a statewide initiative for all pregnant women.