New Crisis-Intervention Model Helps Some N.J. Middle-Income Families Facing Medical Emergencies

From 2002 to 2003, the American Dream Project of Wayne, N.J. developed a model crisis intervention program targeting middle-income individuals in need of socioeconomic assistance while suffering a health-care crisis who were ineligible or underserved by traditional social services.

Key Results

Project staff

  • Constructed assessment tools and a simple operational design that could easily serve as a guide to or be emulated by other social service agencies, both government and private.

  • Conducted both formal and informal in-service training sessions for seven social service agencies, both government and private.

  • Provided services to 70 clients, including:

    • Emergency medication for a young, single mother with cancer who had been terminated from Medicaid.
    • Two months of emergency rent money for a client waiting for surgery whose disability income was insufficient to cover her living expenses.
    • Transportation for a disabled veteran to a Veterans Administration facility for treatment, service evaluation and follow-up.