Calling Attention to the Plight of Older Women Caregivers

    • April 29, 2004

OWL, the Older Women's League, a grassroots membership organization devoted to improving the quality of life for midlife and older women, developed media-skills training and provided it to 175 of its chapter members to prepare them as spokespersons in OWL's national Caring for Caregivers Campaign.

The campaign's purpose was to call attention to the plight of older female caregivers and the need to improve the long-term care system in this country.

Key Results

  • The project staff conducted nine training sessions and trained a total of 175 league members representing 20 chapters.

  • Written evaluations from trainees showed that at least one chapter that participated in each of the training sessions aggressively reached out to local media.

  • Although the training sessions gave members the skills to implement a strategic media campaign, chapters did not get the care-giving message to the media.