Website Content Helps Policy-Makers Implement the State Children's Health Insurance Program

The Children's Defense Fund developed a Web-based clearinghouse on children's health insurance coverage and the states' implementation of the 1997 federal/state Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). It is no longer available on the Web.

CHIP is a federal block grant program designed to encourage the states to develop insurance programs for children in families earning too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to afford private health insurance.

Key Results

  • The Children's Defense Fund accomplished the following:

    • Developed a comprehensive database on implementation of CHIP in each state.
    • Enhanced the fund's Web site with sub-sites on various aspects of CHIP.
    • Developed a Child Health e-mail listserv that delivered two to four updates monthly to more than 6,600 subscribers.
    • Published six reports and analyses and created two media and outreach tool kits, which it disseminated to more than 3,000 researchers, children's advocates, community organizations and policy-makers.