Safer Newark, N.J., Initiative Sets Low Tolerance for Repeat Offenders and Firearm Use

    • February 12, 2004

From 2000 to 2002, researchers at Rutgers University's School of Criminal Justice pulled together a task force—originally called the Newark Violence Prevention Project and now known as the Greater Newark Safer Cities Initiative—to examine the nature of Newark's violent crime problem and take steps to address it.

Key Results

The Greater Newark Safer Cities Initiative accomplished the following during the grant period:

  • It developed a person-centered approach to treating high-risk adult probationers and parolees. It promises comprehensive social services and case management to help them break their patterns of violence, along with swift criminal justice consequences for subsequent violations.
  • Law enforcement and criminal justice agencies participating in the initiative adopted a Gun Strategy Pilot Program that prioritizes and expedites criminal cases in which firearms were used.