Latino Council Reorganizes to Step Up No-Smoking Campaign

The National Latino Council on Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention, Washington (the council), a research, advocacy and training organization, reorganized to broaden its leadership and to make it a more efficient and sustainable organization.

While responding to growing requests from the mainstream tobacco control movement to provide culturally competent perspectives on tobacco control, the council found itself struggling to meet the needs of the Latino community and to manage its rapid growth.

Key Results

  • Two 'Leadership Fellows' assisted the executive director as deputies to achieve administrative and program-related goals. By the end of the grant, the council consolidated these positions to hire a deputy director.

  • The council took several steps to strengthen its work in the area of human resources, accounting, legal and technical consultants.

  • The council developed the Hispanic/Latino Action Network and Leadership Development Summit, a leadership training model for the Latino community.

  • The council used this model to train 70 Fellows at the 2002 First National Hispanic/Latino Conference on Tobacco Prevention and Control.

  • Staff and Board strengthening activities included culling inactive members, holding a strategic planning meeting, forming a nominating committee, electing six new board members, and selecting a new executive director, Felix Lopez.