Series of Neighborhood Events Gets Durham, N.C. Residents Up and Moving

    • January 12, 2004

Project staff at Durham Central Park in Durham, N.C., worked with a coalition of 22 community groups to develop or support events that included physical activities or to interject exercise into events not normally associated with it. The resulting 20-plus events were also designed to increase awareness of the neighborhood and to promote a sense of community pride and safety among residents.

Key Results

  • The project helped support more than 20 activities in and around the park, including:

    • African-American Dance Ensemble workshops—a series of 10 one-and-a-half-hour Saturday morning dance workshops.
    • YMCA fitness walks—a series of one-half hour walks through the park.
    • Historical walking tours—two-hour walks conducted by the Historic Preservation Society of Durham.
    • Durham Art Walk—an annual seven-hour event with a walking tour of area art studios.
    • Gardening workdays—three-hour gardening sessions on "gardening days" run by the Volunteer Center of Durham.