Ohio Volunteers Provide Health Care for Low-Income Patients

    • January 16, 2004

Reach Out of Montgomery County, a non-profit corporation in Dayton, Ohio, provided free care for medically underserved low-income individuals, after hours, at two existing community health centers in Dayton.

Starting in August 1994, Reach Out of Montgomery County used the donated services of area physicians, other medical workers and staffers.

The project was part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) national program Reach Out: Physicians' Initiative to Expand Care to Underserved Americans.

Key Results

  • From 1995 to mid-1998, Reach Out of Montgomery County served 2,294 patients using 166 medical professionals and 117 other volunteers who donated their time.
  • From the beginning, it gathered data on its target clientele.
  • Reach Out of Montgomery County established collaborations with 18 community organizations during the grant period.