For Web Crawlers, Tobacco Control Contacts from A to Z

During 2002, independent consultant Philippe Boucher developed an online directory of more than 5,000 tobacco-control professionals and organizations in the United States—available to the public and searchable by name, location or key word.

In recent years, the number of professionals and organizations working in tobacco control has increased significantly—yet no central directory has existed for contacting them.

Key Results

  • The Tobacco Control Directory, a website that is no longer active, provided descriptions and contact information for more than 5,000 tobacco-control organizations and individuals. Users could search the list by name, location or key word (such as advocacy, cessation, government or litigation). The directory listed such tobacco-related organizations as:

    • Initiatives in state and local health departments
    • National and state non-profit organizations
    • State coalitions
    • University-based groups and specialized websites