Book on Emergency Preparedness Distributed to Health, Policy Personnel

In 2002, the Association of Academic Health Centers, Washington, a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health by advancing the leadership of academic health centers, published and disseminated a book entitled Emergency Preparedness: Bioterrorism and Beyond.

Key Results

  • Emergency Preparedness: Bioterrorism and Beyond consists of 12 papers presented by leading medical and public health experts, government officials and international policy experts at a conference convened by the Association of Academic Health Centers in the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11th.
  • The book:
    • Covers the broad spectrum of emergency preparedness concerns.
    • Examines the options, responses and responsibilities of institutions, communities and government.
    • Provides a long-term perspective to aid in efforts to understand and prepare for bioterrorism and other dangers.
  • The Association of Academic Health Centers has disseminated more than 1,000 copies of Emergency Preparedness to national associations and organizations, academic health centers, schools of the health professions, government agencies, key congressional personnel and foundation leaders.