Bringing Health Education to Latino Immigrants Where They Work

    • November 1, 2003

From 1997 through 2002 the Worksite Wellness Project developed and implemented a model for improving the health of uninsured, low-wage workers in Los Angeles by increasing their awareness of basic health care and linking them to existing providers.

Local health organizations, including the South Central Family Health Center, Korean Health Education Information and Research Center and Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles, conducted some of the health education and screening activities.

RWJF made three grants to the project.

Key Results

  • Under the first two grants, project staff provided 61 health promotion and wellness activities to 1,500 individuals. Under the third grant, a total of 7,615 workers attended health education activities.

  • Under the third grant, project staff provided 1,760 referrals to local providers in the County of Los Angeles' health network and Queens Care Family Clinics, and made 2,253 follow-up calls and on-site visits to workers.