Head Start/Anti-Substance Abuse Program Falters in New Jersey

Concerned Parents for Head Start in Paterson, N.J., developed Project Unconditional, a project designed to integrate family and community strengthening components into Head Start to reduce risks for substance abuse.

Paterson is a low-income, minority community with high unemployment in northern New Jersey. The target community for the project was a public housing project known to be a major distribution point for illegal drugs.

Key Results

  • Project Unconditional featured three main components:

    • A parent support module for approximately 30 families.
    • Parent mentors for these families.
    • An advisory committee charged with developing community action projects related to issues of substance abuse.
  • Because of staffing problems, the project did not implement the family and community strengthening components of the model, despite intensive support from the Free to Grow National Program Office.

  • RWJF declined to grant Concerned Parents for Head Start funding for the three-year implementation phase of the project.