Strategic Plan Drafted for a Patient-Oriented Health Care System

The Foundation for Accountability drafted a strategic plan and developed Web-based resources to advance the goals of making U.S. health care more patient-centered. The Foundation for Accountability, a not-for-profit organization founded in 1995, works to improve health care for Americans by advocating for an accountable and accessible system where consumers are partners in their care and help shape the delivery of care.

Key Results

Under the grant, the project director and staff:

  • Launched the national Clearinghouse on Consumer-Centered Health Care, a resource database accessible through the grantee's website, in September 2002.

  • Interviewed 31 health care leaders, including consumer, provider, business and labor representatives, to build a knowledge base and promote a dialogue on consumer-centered care.

  • Drafted a strategic plan, entitled "Innovators and Evangelists: Strategies for Creating a Consumer-Centered Health System."

  • Developed a business plan, with help from an outside Business Advisory Committee, which emphasized the marketing of consumer-oriented tools.