Medical College of Georgia Encourages Students Toward Generalist Careers

The Medical College of Georgia—the largest medical school in southeastern U.S.—developed initiatives to increase to at least 50 percent the percentage of medical school graduates becoming generalist physicians.

This effort was part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's (RWJF) Generalist Physician Initiative, which challenged schools of medicine to increase the supply of generalist physicians—specifically general internists, general pediatricians and family practitioners—that they were training.

Key Results

  • The school of medicine accomplished the following during the grant period:

    • Placed some 376 high school and college students, many from medically underserved regions of the state, in mentoring relationships with community primary care physicians.
    • Integrated a new multidisciplinary course, Essentials of Clinical Medicine into the medical school curriculum.
    • Revised basic science courses to more effectively reflect the information primary care physicians need.
    • Increased community-based ambulatory training.
    • Developed a mini-rotation in the residency program in managed care and interdisciplinary rotations in women's health, adolescent medicine, behavioral medicine and geriatrics.
    • Enhanced loan forgiveness to generalists entering practices in selected communities.