Blueprint of Recommendations for Making Communities "Asthma Friendly" for Children

Study to develop policy options to improve pediatric asthma outcomes in the United States

From 1999 to 2001, staff at RAND Health worked with a panel of health experts to develop a set of policy recommendations, with implementation and funding options for each, for improving childhood asthma outcomes nationwide.

Key Results

  • Project staff developed a Blueprint for Policy Action that calls for creation of "asthma-friendly" communities in which:
    • Children with asthma would be diagnosed quickly and would receive appropriate and ongoing treatment.
    • Health care, school and social agencies would be prepared to meet the needs of children with asthma and their families.
    • Children would be safe from physical and social environmental risks that exacerbate their condition.
  • Project staff developed six policy goals and 11 policy recommendations to support this overarching objective. The policy recommendations include:
    • Improve access to and quality of asthma health care services.
    • Teach children with asthma and their families how to better manage the illness.
    • Provide coordinated case management to children at high risk for asthma.
    • Develop model health care benefit packages for essential childhood asthma services.
  • Project staff published its recommendations in three RAND reports.
  • Project staff also published its recommendations in the May 2002 issue of the journal, Pediatrics.