Guide Recommends Effective Community Preventive Services

In 1996, the independent Task Force on Community Preventive Services formed by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began to develop and publish the Guide to Community Preventive Services, a set of recommendations for disease prevention and control based on scientific evidence.

Key Results

  • Project staff hired three research assistants, a writer-editor and an information technology specialist.
  • Two research assistants helped complete guide chapters on physical activity and sociocultural environment, managing the literature review process, organizing the evidence backing the task force's recommendations and coordinating the work of the teams contributing to each chapter.
  • A third research assistant helped perform economic evaluations of interventions recommended by the task force and write the economic review section of the chapters on motor vehicle injuries, physical activity, diabetes and sociocultural environment.
  • The writer-editor provided editorial support for the guide, while the information technology specialist developed and maintained databases for each chapter.