Foundation Center Offers Grant-Seekers Access to Key Data on Foundations

In 1998, the Foundation Center in New York carried out a study of trends in grantmaker support for health policy-related activities during the 1990s as well as other activities to provide research for foundations.

RWJF is one of 370 donors providing basic support to the Foundation Center.

Key Results

During the period of RWJF funding, Foundation Center activities included the following:

  • A 1998 RWJF-supported "Health Policy Grantmaking: A Report on Foundation Trends." The peer-reviewed journal Health Affairs published a report summary.
  • A series of print and computer resources on the foundation field.
  • Statistical research on grantmaking through an ongoing study of trends in the field and occasional studies of particular types of funding, geographic regions, and fields of interest in grantmaking.
  • A redesigned website with new features, including:
    • The "Learning Lab" for online tutorials and frequently asked questions.
    • "Finding Funders," providing search tools for grantseekers.
    • "Researching Philanthropy," for searching the bibliographic database and accessing highlights of its research reports.