Rutgers Institute Studies How New Jersey Political Campaigns Reach (or Fail to Reach) New Jersey Voters

From 2000 to 2002, the Eagleton Institute of Politics, New Brunswick, N.J., conducted a campaign research and public service program that included a bipartisan review of New Jersey political campaigns and a public education initiative to promote awareness of political debates.

The project's purpose was to coordinate, strengthen and expand Eagleton's efforts to assist individuals, governments and organizations in shaping New Jersey's policy agenda. Founded in 1956, the Eagleton Institute, affiliated with Rutgers University, is dedicated to improving knowledge of American politics through research and through education of students, policy-makers and the public.

Key Results

  • Eagleton conducted the following activities:

    • A bipartisan research study analyzed statewide campaign practices in the 2000 congressional and 2001 legislative campaigns in New Jersey.
    • Student researchers monitored candidates' campaign websites and assessed their usefulness to voters.
    • A public education advertising campaign promoted voter awareness of political debates in senate and gubernatorial elections.