Reaching Florida's Dementia Caregivers with the News that Help is Available - By Phone and Online

The Department of Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of Florida's College of Health Professions developed and implemented a strategic marketing plan for AlzOnline—formerly called the Dementia Caregivers Telehealth Support Project.

Based on caregiver comments, AlzOnline added Expert Forums to the website—telephone conferences that bring caregivers, area service providers and experts in the field of dementia together to participate in roundtable discussions on various caregiving issues.

Key Results

  • From October 2001 to March 2002:
    • The number of AlzOnline users each month increased from 250 to 1,957.
    • The number of pages accessed per month increased from 1,882 to 10,857.
    • Calls and e-mails reached a combined total of 500 per month.
  • AlzOnline is also available in Spanish.