Asian American and Pacific Islander Groups Tackle Heavy Tobacco Use in Their Communities

    • April 29, 2003

From 1998 to 2002, the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations conducted a project, called the Asian Pacific Partners for Empowerment and Leadership (APPEAL), to develop local leaders to undertake tobacco control activities in Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in the United States and Pacific Island territories.

Key Results

  • The APPEAL Leadership Program selected and trained a total of 140 fellows who worked with 27 mentors on tobacco-control issues.
  • The fellows completed a total of about 80 local tobacco-control projects. APPEAL awarded nine mini-grants to assist selected fellows in implementing their local activities.
  • APPEAL produced a 62-page policy manual, A Policy Framework on Preventing and Reducing Tobacco Use in the AAPI Community, outlining local, regional and national responses to tobacco issues affecting Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.