Policy Briefs and Conference Seek to Strengthen Support for Family Care Providers

The Family Caregiver Alliance sponsored an October 2001 national conference for state policy-makers, disseminated conference proceedings and policy briefs and provided technical assistance to states and a U.S. Senator, all directed at shaping public policy to strengthen support for family caregiving.

Family members are the primary providers of long-term care, and states are starting to recognize that supporting family caregivers is an important strategy for easing the burden on the formal long-term care system.

The alliance, founded in 1977, serves as a public voice for caregivers; it sponsored its first conference for policy-makers in 1999.

Key Results

  • The alliance produced policy briefs on the following topics:

    • Federal and State Policy in Family Caregiving: Recent Victories but Uncertain Futures.
    • Paying Family Members to Provide Care: Policy Considerations for States.
    • Long-Term Care Workforce Shortages: Impact on Families.
    • Olmstead v L.C.: Implications of the Olmstead Decision for Family Caregivers.
    • Enhancing State Initiatives for Working Caregivers.
    • Respite Care: State Policy Trends and Model Programs.