Nevada Won't Gamble With its Health Policy Plans

In 2000 and 2001, the Nevada Public Health Foundation collected and assessed information on public health policy-making in Nevada and produced a plan to address population-based health problems throughout the state.

Nevada has some of the nation's most severe health problems, ranking at or near the top in rates of cigarette smoking, asthma, teen pregnancy, suicide and alcohol consumption, according to the Nevada Public Health Foundation.

Key Results

  • Nevada's Public Health Partners: A Resource Directory of Organizations Providing Public Health Services in Nevada, a listing of more than 250 organizations with information on their mission, jurisdiction, funding sources, duties and data they collect.
  • The State of Public Health in Nevada, an assessment of the current public health system. The report identified the lack of capacity to mobilize citizens and communities for change as the most compelling issue facing the state's public health systems.
  • Nevada's Partners for the Future of Public Health: A Strategic Plan for Improving Nevada's Public Health System, offered 19 recommendations for addressing the issues identified in the assessment report.