Brooklyn Community-Library Partnerships Increase Public's Access to Health Information

Starting in August 1999, Libraries for the Future, a national organization located in New York, advocating for increased use of public libraries, led a coalition of organizations in its efforts to increase the public's access to health information.

Working with the Brooklyn Public Library's Science and Industry Division, Libraries for the Future established the Brooklyn Health Information Access Coalition, a Brooklyn-wide coalition comprised of:

  • The public library.
  • The Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health.
  • Brooklyn Perinatal Network.
  • More than 30 other community partners, including community-based organizations, hospitals, clinics, health educators, and health advocates.

Key Results

During the grant period, the Brooklyn Health Information Access Coalition:

  • Held a series of meetings to build community-library partnerships around community health issues.
  • Provided staff training and organizational development for both librarians and health service organization staff.
  • Developed a packet of information on health information access for use by libraries and health organizations.
  • Developed library programming and services for the general public on health.
  • Developed a model for replication that is available to Libraries for the Future Access Coordinators and other health educators and librarians throughout the country interested in developing stronger community health information programs.