Anthology Presents Medicine Through the Lens of the Arts

The Association of American Medical Colleges published a 250-page anthology, Ten Years of Medicine and Arts, as part of the organization's 125-year anniversary celebration in 2001.

Key Results

  • The Association of American Medical Colleges published 1,000 hardback and 4,000 paperback versions of the anthology and distributed copies free to the 140 U.S. and Canadian medical school deans, to other leaders in academic medicine and to attendees at the association's national meeting in November 2001.

    The book features 100 of the best selections from "Medicine and the Arts," a monthly column of the association's journal, Academic Medicine.

    The column presents poems, excerpts from fiction and nonfiction books, plays, art, photographs and film with commentary that explores the relevance of the presented material to medicine and the lives of physicians.

    The anthology collects in one volume, columns that illuminate a wide range of issues in medicine, including living wills, recovery, the "difficult patient," domestic violence, aging, abortion and home health care.