Website Responds to Health Information Needs of Low-Income Families

    • February 1, 2003

In 2001, One Economy Corporation developed the health content for its website,, which is aimed at low-income people. One Economy also conducted research on the technology needs of the site's target audience.

The website offers information in both English and Spanish on areas such as health care, education, employment and personal finance.

The health pages include information on weight loss, infant care, vaccinations, health insurance, smoking, alcohol, exercise and other topics.

The Beehive also provides users with a free e-mail account and information on how to acquire a computer.

Key Results

  • In its first six months of operation—it was launched in October 2001—the Beehive received 110,000 visits, including 40,000 to its Spanish pages.

  • About 30,000 users visited the site's health section in that period.

Key Findings

  • The research confirmed that there is a great demand for information technology among residents of low-income communities.

  • Respondents identified the lack of affordable housing, health insurance and preventive health services as serious problems.