Skidmore College Takes a Community Justice Approach Toward Drug and Alcohol Offenders

In 2001, Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., implemented a community justice approach to honor code violations, including violations of drug and alcohol policy.

Under this approach, the campus judicial system focused on repairing the harm caused by a student's offense and reintegrating the offender into the college community.

Key Results

Under the grant, the College accomplished the following:

  • Provided weekly training in community justice to members of the Integrity Board, the campus judicial body, including discussion of community justice readings, role-playing and meetings with campus community members on strategies for addressing disciplinary issues.
  • Restructured the composition of the 25-member Integrity Board to increase student influence.
  • Instituted new kinds of disciplinary sanctions, including apology letters, reflection and research essays, and community service.