Script Doctors? RWJF Decides Against Funding New Health Information Organization for TV/Film Writers and Producers

During 2000 and 2001, W.E. Duke & Company, a public relations firm with experience in the entertainment industry, developed the framework for a proposed Hollywood-based organization that would provide the entertainment industry with accurate information and resources on health and health care.

Key Results

The result was a 68-page report to RWJF outlining conclusions and recommendations from the planning process. Among the report's main points were the following:

  • Need and opportunity exist for an independent entity to bring the entertainment industry and health community together in pursuit of the accurate portrayal of health matters in entertainment media.
  • The proposed organization should be a one-stop clearinghouse for accurate medical and health information, collaborating whenever possible with other health groups.
  • The new entity—with the working title of Entertainment and Health Institute—should be funded by RWJF for five years and structured as a tax-exempt organization with its own board of directors and staff.
  • The chair of the organization's board or advisory committee should be a person of stature in the creative aspects of the entertainment industry.