Millions of Tobacco Industry Documents Now Online

Starting in November 2001, the University of California, San Francisco Library set up a searchable, online database of some 10-million tobacco industry documents released to the public by legal settlements between the National Association of Attorneys General and the tobacco companies.

Key Results

  • The University of California, San Francisco purchased, install and configure the computer systems and network equipment to develop and launch the digital Legacy Tobacco Documents Library.

  • On January 31, 2002, the library became available to the public. It offers searching, viewing and downloading of more than 4 million documents. These documents relate to scientific research, manufacturing, marketing, advertising and sales of cigarettes, and other topics, generally dating from the 1950's to recent years.

    They include the contents of tobacco industry websites and two collections from the Tobacco Control Archives at the University of California, San Francisco as of July 1999. Newer material will be added to this library over time. An advisory board oversees the library.