Extra! Newspaper for Teens Increases Coverage of Youth Health Topics, Expands Circulation

In 1998, the American Youth Work Center began providing regular coverage of youth health issues in their newspaper, Youth Today, and expanded circulation and paid subscriptions to the paper.

The American Youth Work Center was established in 1984 to improve services, programs and policies for children and youth ages 10 to 22.

Youth Today was started in 1992 to educate service line workers, human service managers, funders and policy-makers on the health and social issuers affecting youth.

Support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) included funding for the salary of a full-time reporter with a background in adolescent health.

Key Results

  • During the grants, the American Youth Work Center:

    • Published articles on over 50 adolescent behavioral health-related issues with an additional 21 publication and video reviews.
    • Expanded coverage of articles on adolescent health from approximately two to six articles per issue, with a particular focus on tobacco and substance abuse.
    • Increased paid subscriptions of Youth Today from zero to 10,793.
    • Increased the publication schedule from 6 to 10 issues per year.