Massachusetts Targets Health Education Program to Native American Women

Starting in August 1999, the Central Massachusetts Area Health Education Center in Worcester distributed culturally sensitive health information to Native American women of the Nipmuc Nation in central Massachusetts.

The Central Massachusetts Area Health Education Center and the Nipmuc Women's Health Coalition, a group of Native American women who advocate culturally appropriate health programs for the Nipmuc people, jointly led the project.

Key Results

  • Between August 1999 and July 2000, community health educators conducted study circles in 80 homes, providing more than 400 tribal members with information on heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, and alcohol and drug abuse prevention.
  • The community health educators distributed more than 3,000 health brochures, pamphlets, booklets and fact sheets at more than 30 Native American powwows, health fairs, community forums and special events.
  • The coalition published four issues of the quarterly Nipmuc Women's Health Coalition Newsletter and mailed each issue to more than 1,500 Nipmuc tribal members in six states.