Since this volume of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Anthology contains Renie Schapiro’s interview with me, I will keep my remarks in the Foreword brief.

At the Foundation, we have found a number of ways to “get the word out,” in the phrasing of our former Communications Vice President, Frank Karel. Every year, we publish our Annual Report, which contains a message from the president of the Foundation, a listing and a brief description of our grants, and financial information. We also publish Advances, which, on a quarterly basis, offers the public brief highlights of our activities. Grant result reports and national program reports, which offer detailed analysis of specific programs and projects, are posted on the Foundation’s Web site. We’re taking great pains to make our Web site more accessible and informative.

Of course, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Anthology also appears yearly. Its editors have attempted the difficult task of combining incisive, unbiased analysis and high-quality writing in a single short volume that is useful to health professionals and easily accessible to the lay public.

I believe that foundations, as public trusts, have an obligation to be generous with the information they provide. There is probably no single best way to do this, but we at the Foundation are proud of our efforts to be transparent in sharing what we do, why we do it, and what we have learned.

Since I am stepping down as president and chief executive officer of the Foundation in December, this is the last Anthology Foreword that I will write. It has been my great privilege to serve in this position and to have been associated with so many significant programs, worthy activities, and remarkable people. My deep appreciation goes to all those individuals, many of them readers of or contributors to the Anthology, who have helped make these past 12 years so productive and enjoyable, and who have worked so hard to improve the health and health care of the American people.