Documenting the Extent of Alcohol-Related Injury and Violence

From 1997 to 2001, the Trauma Foundation gathered, assessed, and synthesized information about alcohol-related injury and violence. The organization disseminated the information to communities, policymakers, and practitioners for use in substance abuse, injury and violence prevention efforts.

The Trauma Foundation is a nonprofit organization housed at San Francisco General Hospital. It works to reduce injury-related illness and death through prevention, improved trauma care, and rehabilitation.

Key Results

  • Under the first grant (ID# 031935), the Trauma Foundation:

    • Developed a database of more than 1,000 documents related to alcohol-related injury and violence.
    • Created a new section of its Web site devoted to the topic (it was no longer in existence as of May 2006).
    • Published a hard-copy resource manual of epidemiological data, research findings, policies, programs and other resources from the substance abuse, injury, and violence prevention fields.
  • Under the second grant (ID# 035122), project personnel:

    • Produced and distributed a book of case histories of successful community projects that worked to reduce alcohol-related injury and violence.
    • The case histories provide advice on building and sustaining an organization, responding to opposition, mobilizing constituents, using the media effectively, working with other organizations, and lobbying lawmakers.
    • The grantee publicized the availability of these resources through direct contact with organizations working in the field, presentations at conferences, and direct mail.
    • To date, more than 1,600 of the resource manuals and nearly 17,000 of the book of case histories have been distributed.