We wish to express our thanks to the many people whose efforts contributed to publication of this book. Our outside committee of reviewers—Susan Dentzer, Frank Karel, William Morrill, Patti Patrizi and Jonathan Showstack—critically read every chapter; their insights greatly improved the final product. C.P. Crow, an extraordinarily gifted editor, strengthened the quality of the writing of every chapter. Molly McKaughan played a critical role as both a talented editor and a knowledgeable insider. David Morse made an invaluable contribution—twice—by reviewing drafts at an early stage and again shortly before the manuscript was sent to the publisher. Steven Schroeder and Lewis Sandy offered helpful comments on the entire manuscript. Michael Beachler, Alan Cohen, Ray Daw, Rosemary Gibson, Peter Goodwin, Robert Hughes, Paul Jellinek, Nancy Kaufman, Tony Kovner, Joe Marx, Maureen Michael, Dorianne Miller, Stuart Schear, Vicki Weisfeld, Judy Whang and Warren Wood made useful suggestions on specific chapters.

In one of her first assignments at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Ayorkor Gaba proved to be an able researcher in digging up materials on the topics for this year’s Anthology. Hinda Greenberg, Kathryn Flatley and Mary Beth Kren were able to find many difficult-to-locate documents. As in past years, Richard Toth and Julie Painter examined and corrected the numbers relating to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s grants. Ann Searight and Maureen Cozine did fine work in promoting the Anthology, as did Hope Woodhead, who makes sure the Anthology gets to the right people. Sherry DeMarchi was ever helpful, as she has been in past years, in a variety of administrative matters. Nancy Giordano has been a conscientious liaison between the editors and Frank Karel through December 2001 and with his successor, David Morse, thereafter. Sara Wilkinson has been extremely competent and a pleasure to work with in her capacity as executive assistant to Steven Schroeder.

Paul Moran handled contractual and administrative matters at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in a professional manner. Tim Crowley ably assisted him. Carolyn Scholer, Mary Castria, and Carol Owle saw that financial matters went off without a hitch. At Health Policy Associates, Greta McKinney managed the finances and bookkeeping with great efficiency.

Lauren MacIntyre did an excellent job of entering editorial changes and putting them in a legible format. Charles Krezell did a fine job with the fact checking. At Jossey-Bass, Andy Pasternack has played a key role since the beginning in ensuring that the Anthology series meets the highest standards; Amy Scott and Gigi Mark handled the book’s publication ably; and Jon Peck of Dovetail Publishing Services, with whom Jossey-Bass contracted to handle the print production, worked rapidly and thoroughly.

Two people deserve our special thanks. Since the first volume of the Anthology series, Deborah Malloy, administrative coordinator for the Research and Evaluation group, has been the critical person in making sure that communications between the two editors flow smoothly. She has always handled this task with great aplomb. Last year, Elizabeth Dawson, research and editorial associate at Health Policy Associates, stepped in toward the end of the process of putting the Anthology to bed. This year, she was involved from the beginning, and she has been a pleasure to work with, both professionally and personally. Our profound appreciation to both.