Build a Website that Listens to Their Feelings, and Teenagers Will Come

    • October 1, 2002

KidsPeace Corporation, a nonprofit organization that operates programs to assist children in crisis, designed an interactive website,, to help youth who are experiencing or at risk of developing emotional problems.

This grant from RWJF to the KidsPeace provided partial support for the expansion, promotion, and evaluation of

Key Results

During the grant period:

  • Use of grew significantly.
  • More than 200,000 adolescents registered as site users. That number grew to more than 350,000 by May 2002.
  • The number of health topics explored on the site increased from 15 to 28.
  • As of May 2002 the site was receiving a reported 400 to 500 submissions a day but could process only 100 a day.
  • Articles mentioning the site appeared in a number of newspapers and magazines, includingBusiness Week, USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Times, YM, Seventeen andScholastic Choices.
  • A "rudimentary" data analysis capability allowed KidsPeace to track where visitors went on the site, making it possible to identify subjects and issues of most concern to adolescents.