South Florida Center Offers Array of Services to Help Homeless Turn Lives Around

    • August 12, 2002

From 1998 to 2000, the Community Partnership for Homeless, Inc. (CPHI) (now Chapman Partnership) in Miami created a center offering comprehensive services for homeless individuals and families in southern Dade County, Fla.

Key Results

  • The South Dade Homeless Assistance Center—a replication of a Miami center for the homeless also started by CPHI—provided shelter, case management and other supportive services to over 4,195 adult family members, children and single adults. At any time, an average of 300 individuals received services at the center.
  • According to center staff, of the people served, 2,325 residents (adult family members, children and single individuals) (59%) moved to transitional, permanent or independent housing.
  • CPHI collaborated with 12 other partner agencies to provide a wide range of ongoing services to approximately one-third of the residents.