Communications Plan Developed to Focus on the Need for More Generalists

    • July 1, 2002

From November 1993 to February 1994, Timothy Bell & Company identified key communication strategies and messages to help change the generalist/specialist mix in the physician workforce.

The project was part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Generalist Provider Research Initiative national program.

Key Results

  • Under the grant, project staff:

    • Interviewed 34 experts in primary care.
    • Identified four main target audiences for their messages:
      • The general public
      • Clinicians within and outside academic medical centers
      • Medical school applicants and potential applicants
      • Physician recruitment and retention programs
    • Developed a monograph that outlined their findings and recommendations.

Key Recommendations

  • Project staff recommended the following to RWJF:

    • Use the mass media to enhance the public's image of the value of primary care.
    • Improve the quality of the materials and information used in recruiting physicians to rural and underserved areas.
    • Produce innovative video products and printed materials to portray high-caliber primary care practice for medical students and practicing physicians.