Improving Immunization Rates in Rural Southwest Minnesota

The goal of an immunization registry is to provide doctors, nurses, and others with the information that they need to ensure children receive appropriate immunizations. While computer technology may help to make this process more efficient and more accurate, it is not the end goal, and in fact, may not be appropriate for the doctors and nurses in the registry's community.

SWMN-SIIS achieved success because staff understood that technology must match the capabilities and needs of its users. They understood that the success of the registry ultimately relies on strong relationships built among the region's private sector providers, public health clinics, and health plans.

Minnesota doesn't plan to remain low-tech. Plans are underway for the SWMN-SIIS and other regional registries to connect to a Minnesota state registry hub. The DOS-based application will be migrated to a Windows-based system that supports a Web interface enabling online access.