Pediatricians Think Locally in Improving Health Care for Children

Community Access to Child Health (CATCH) began as a program funded by RWJF designed to encourage pediatricians to work locally to improve access to health care for children.

In 1989, RWJF began a six-year process to give the program a permanent institutional base within American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the nation's largest professional organization for pediatricians.

Key Results

  • AAP introduced the program to its members and recruiting local participants.

  • AAP assumed full operational responsibility for CATCH and expanded its activities.

  • AAP completed the process of assuming full financial responsibility for the program.

  • AAP held two national meetings focused on disseminating successful model programs, networking and training, and developing long-range goals.

Key Findings

  • An evaluation team at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health concluded that CATCH is an effective strategy for stimulating and enhancing community-based child health initiatives.

  • AAP published the results of the evaluation in a supplement to the June 1999 issue of the journal Pediatrics.