Dentists Brush Aside Obstacles to Bring Dental Care to Schoolchildren

Starting in August 1997, Babyland Family Services, Inc. provided a system of care and outreach to address the multiple dental health needs of children lacking proper dental care.

Dentists and hygienists worked in Newark schools and childcare centers to identify potential dental problems, provide a daily regimen of on-site care, and involve parents in the care of their children's teeth.

The project was part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) New Jersey Health Initiatives national program.

Key Results

  • Nine volunteer dentists worked one day per month to examine a total of 2,428 children at their schools or day care centers.
  • Dental hygienists and assistants provided daily fluoride treatments, under the supervision of classroom teachers and caregivers, to 2,344 children.
  • Dentists applied protective sealant to the molars of 498 first, second and sixth grade children.