Economists Analyze Long-Term Economic Issues of Health Care System

From 1993 to 1998, the Health Care Economic Council (later changed to the Council on Health Care Economics and Policy) formed and met 12 times.

The council is a private, nonpartisan forum of nationally recognized economists, including two Nobel laureates, and industry leaders who:

  • Evaluate changes in the US health care system.
  • Identify and analyze key longer-term economic issues.
  • Generate new ideas for improving the financing and delivery of quality health services in the United States.

Key Results

  • The council met 12 times, providing opportunities for a discussion of issues among members and guests, who included health services researchers, members of Congress and their staffs, government officials, industry leaders and the media. Among the issues addressed by the council were:

    • Reform of the Medicare program.
    • Sources of funds to expand access to health insurance for the uninsured.
    • Hospital ownership conversions from nonprofit to for-profit status.
    • The impact of changes in the health care system on the development, adoption, and diffusion of new health care technologies.