California Group Offers Resources for Special Needs Children in Managed Care

From 1997 to 1999, the Institute for Health Policy Studies (IHPS) of the University of California, San Francisco, disseminated a May 1997 institute report entitled Troubling Signs: Severely Ill Children in Employment-Based Managed Care Plans in California.

The report documents the experiences of specialized providers and families of children with severe, complex conditions in securing access to appropriate care from managed care plans in California.

Key Results

  • Staff disseminated Troubling Signs to:
    • Key disability organizations.
    • National children's and health care advocacy organizations.
    • Organized physician groups.
    • The California state legislative committees responsible for overseeing the regulation of managed care plans.
    • US congressional staff working on various House and Senate bills addressing managed care reform legislation.
  • Project staff completed a resource guide, Obtaining Quality Managed Care for Children with Disabilities or Chronic Illness: A Resource Guide, which lists academic articles, journals and Web sites relevant to the impact of managed care on the quality of care for children.
  • Project staff conducted an informal telephone survey of advocacy organizations to determine why they do not provide more assistance for families of children with special needs; the unanimous response was "lack of funds."