Focus Groups Say Education and Coordination Must Precede New Health Insurance Programs

    • October 1, 2001

In 1997, researchers at Medimetrix Group, a consulting firm based in Cleveland, gathered information from focus groups in six cities to help RWJF assess the field and obtain a solid base of information on which to develop program options for the estimated 10 to 11 million children who have no health insurance coverage.

Key Findings

  • Uninsured children had not been a focus of the community groups, indicating that local stakeholders needed to undertake community-wide education efforts about the causes and impact of the problem before attempting to build coalitions to support programs.

  • "Ownership" of the problem could not be allocated to the health care community; instead, a successful solution at the community level must be a collaborative effort among the public, private and community sectors.

  • Locally, the problem is seen as lack of coordination for services to at-risk children, rather than lack of access to care.