Making Complex Choices Easier for the Most Vulnerable Patients

From 1997 to 1999, staff at FACCT developed sets of quality measurements for End-of-Life care and care of children with chronic conditions. They also developed and tested consumer information materials on health care quality.

FACCT, no longer in existence, was a Portland, Ore.-based national nonprofit organization advocating for an accountable heath care system in which consumers are partners who help shape the delivery of care. Legacy documents from the organization are available online through the Markle Foundation.

Key Results

  • Project staff developed a preliminary set of quality measurements for care of terminally ill patients, as well as a starting-point proposal for a set of quality measurements for care of chronic conditions among children.

    The latter initiative became subsumed by the larger Child and Adolescent Health Measure Initiative, a multi-agency collaboration funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, The Commonwealth Fund and federal agencies.

  • Project staff developed a screening tool to determine which children in a health plan suffer from a chronic condition. It developed prototype consumer report cards that rate health plan quality and tested them in focus groups and interviews.

  • Project staff published a purchaser's guide—Health Care Choices: Sharing the Quality Message with Your Employees—to help employers educate their employees about choosing quality health care, and it mailed copies to the benefits staffs of major corporations and other purchasers of health care.