Future of the Health Care Safety-Net Functions Hang by a String

From 1995 to 1997, staff from the Alpha Center for Health Planning and the People-to-People Health Foundation (now called Project HOPE) sponsored a conference and published papers on the future financing of two critical health system functions in the United States—namely, uncompensated care for those without insurance and graduate medical education.

Key Findings

  • Project staff from the Alpha Center for Health Planning organized a two-day conference entitled "What's Happening to the Safety Net? Recent Trends and Emerging Financing Options." Held on January 9–10, 1997, in Washington, the conference was attended by some 125 people.

  • The July/August 1997 issue of Health Affairs focused on the topic "The Safety Net versus the Market: Is the Safety Net in Crisis?" The special issue included papers from the conference, articles commissioned by the journal, and other articles.