Cancer Survivor Updates Her First Book to Reflect Changes in Treatment Options

    • October 31, 2000

In 1998, Natalie Davis Spingarn—a 25-year survivor of cancer, an activist in the field of cancer survivorship and a medical journalist—wrote a revised edition of a book, Hanging in There: Living Well on Borrowed Time.

The first edition, published in 1982, was a critical and popular success, but was out of print when this grant was made.

Key Results

  • The new edition of the book, retitled The New Cancer Survivor: Living with Grace, Fighting with Spirit, was published in November 1999 by Johns Hopkins University Press in a print run of 5,000. The book covered topics such as:

    • Improving doctor-patient communications.
    • Gaining support from informal caregivers and fellow survivors.
    • Medical advances in treating cancer.