St. Louis Adult Day Care Center Expands Enrollment and Streamlines Operations Using Technical Assistance from Partners in Caregiving Program

From 1993 to 1996, the Jewish Community Centers Association (JCCA) Adult Day Care Center in St. Louis used technical assistance from Partners in Caregiving to pursue profitability through improved administration, service, marketing, and financial management.

Partners in Caregiving: The Dementia Services Program is a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).

Key Results

  • The Adult Day Care Center achieved a 20 percent increased enrollment and an 11 percent increase in average daily attendance (from 30 to 34) in three years.

  • Its increased enrollment, although subject to quarter-by-quarter swings, allowed the adult day center to expand its weekday hours, to initiate Saturday care (in partnership with two other adult day centers) and to hire additional staff.

  • Although cash expenses consistently exceeded operating revenue, fundraising and other sources of funding brought the center to the breakeven point by late 1994.