Hartford Geriatric Center Expands and Refines Its Operations with Technical Assistance from Partners in Caregiving Program

From 1993 to 1996, Hebrew Home and Hospital (HHH) of Hartford, Conn., extended the daily hours of operation of its adult day center within the hospital, began charging separately for ancillary services, increased fees to reflect true costs, and greatly expanded its range of client services.

The project was part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Partners in Caregiving: The Dementia Services Program national program.

Key Results

  • During the three years of the project, Hebrew Home and Hospital:

    • Initiated a wellness program—weight training, preventive health education, and health counseling—and set up three counseling groups for its clients:
      • One to discuss aging issues.
      • Another (for immigrants) to discuss issues of interest to new arrivals to the United States.
      • A third bringing together veterans to discuss their military experience in the context of their lives.
    • Added an extra half-hour at the end of its day to accommodate caregivers.
    • Raised its daily fee 10 percent to $54.50, instituted a fee schedule for ancillary services (with itemized billing), set firm policies for fee discounts, and began identifying hidden costs.