Five Projects Collaborate to Provide Better Access to Health Care for the Underserved

    • September 30, 2000

From 1997 to 1999, five RWJF-funded projects created an organizational structure to support the planning, development and implementation of collaborative approaches to improving health care access for underserved populations in Worcester County that had been underway since 1995.

The organization, called the Worcester Community Collaborative (WCC), included:

Key Results

The Worcester Community Collaborative undertook five projects involving two or more of these RWJF programs:

  • A seminar series for medical and nursing students involved in local free clinics.

  • An exploration of opportunities for four Worcester-area HMOs to improve health care access for the uninsured.

  • Development of an innovative geriatric residency training program in managed care for the frail elderly.

  • A science club targeted at low-income fourth-through-sixth graders and focused on health issues, computers and technology, and science and mathematics.

  • A program to educate health care providers and patients at free clinics about eligibility for workers' compensation.