New Tools Help Patients Self-Manage Chronic Illnesses

Research on chronic disease management for managed care patients

From 1997 to 1998, researchers at the Oregon Pacific Research Institute evaluated and enhanced the ongoing support patients need to manage a broad spectrum of chronic diseases, which affect more than 100 million Americans.

Specifically, researchers developed a survey that assesses a patient's self-management of illness on several levels, along with materials and action steps to help patients manage their illnesses.

Key Results

  • Project staff:

    • Developed and validated the Chronic Illness Resources Survey, which assesses a patient's illness self-management activities on six psychosocial and environmental factors:
      • Personal behaviors.
      • Family and friends.
      • The health care system.
      • The worksite.
      • The community.
      • Media, policy, and culture.
    • Developed and piloted personalized feedback materials and recommended action steps individualized for patients to help them increase community resources and support for illness self-management in ways consistent with their values.